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Ding Dang Chickens

Fresh chicken eggs–nothing better.  Those yolks that are as orange as the pumpkins I feed those hens from Halloween through late winter.  Those whites that surround the yolk with a purpose. I love them too, so it’s frustrating that for the first time in the 12 years […]

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Winterizing the Bees

I’m often asked what bees do in the winter–short answer is, they hunker down in the hive and eat the reserves of honey and keep the queen warm.  Bees have an amazing ability to vibrate their bodies to produce heat, and can keep the queen at a […]

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Follow the Rules

If you saw the small commotion at my booth last Saturday, I  hope you’ll read this explanation.  I want my customers to know that my products are high quality and safe, and I also want the community to know the challenges the farmers and small businesspeople at […]

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Our New Website!

Hi all!  Please bear with us as we get this new website up and going!

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