A sustainable family farm in Freedom, Ohio

Get To Know Us

Our Mission

Black Dog Acres is a small family farm in Portage Co. that uses sustainable, humane, and environmentally conscious practices to produce healthy and delicious natural products.  Our practices include organic seeds and fertilizers, integrated pest management, on-site composting, crop rotation, cover crops, rain harvesting, and purchasing locally-grown feed and locally-made supplies.


Zeke, the original black dog.

Why “Black Dog”?

The first “black dog” was Zeke, a black lab mix rescued from the Great Akron Humane Society, who had the enthusiasm and sense of fun that we  wanted to bring to our farming ventures.

Another black dog, Thistle, soon joined the family, followed a few years later by the chocolate lab Chance, who brought some diversity to the farm.  Summer 2013 brought the addition of another black dog, Jasper, another rescue, this time through Canine Lifeline.


Jasper, Kristen’s farm dog and best friend.

Zeke, Chance, and Thistle have passed on.


Kristen credits her mom for her love of fresh vegetables and passion for growing.  She loves cooking with fresh produce from her farm and her friends’ farms and enjoys creating new recipes.  She puts by quite a bit of her winter food, canning, pickling, freezing, and dehydrating fruits and vegetables she grows or buys locally.

kristenHer favorite vegetable is cucumbers and favorite herb is cilantro.

Most days, she rakes the straw out of her hair and reports to the Kent Free Library, where she is the Community and Special Services Manager.