A sustainable family farm in Freedom, Ohio


Black Dog Acres Honey

hivesOur honey is:

  • Local.  Honey may help provide relief from allergies, but only if it is made from the flowers of plants to which you are allergic.  Specialists recommend eating honey produced less than 40 miles away.  Black Dog is located in Freedom Township, between Hiram and Ravenna.
  • Raw.  The honey is never pasteurized or  heated above 100 degrees during processing and bottling.  This means that the naturally occurring yeast and enzymes in the honey are preserved, making it a healthier product.  Producing raw honey takes longer, as the honey moves much more slowly when it is room temperature, but it is worth it.
  • Unfiltered.  Many of our customers know that a great benefit of honey is the immunity pollen from allergy-causing plants may provide for sufferers.  We do not filter our honey to leave a good amount of that pollen in the honey.  This can mean a slightly cloudy product that isn’t going to win first prize at the fair, but also a healthier product.
  • 100% nectar.  It’s standard practice to “feed” bees sugar water in the early spring, before nectar-producing flowers are widely available for foraging.  But we’re fastidious about making sure that sugar water doesn’t end up in our honey.
  • Bottled in glass.  Sorry, no squeezable honey bears at Black Dog.  We have found that even the highest quality plastic containers impart a slight flavor to our honey, so made the decision to only use glass.
  • Low moisture.  Some nectars will naturally crystalize faster than others; but the bigger culprit of honey turning solid after a few months is moisture.  We take careful measurements of the moisture content of our honey to ensure that it is below recommended levels for staying smooth and golden.