A sustainable family farm in Freedom, Ohio

Free Range Eggs

chickens3The Happiest Chickens in Portage County

Black Dog Acres chickens are cage-free and free-range whenever there isn’t snow on the ground.  Although they have a quarter acre pasture surrounded by a pen to protect them from neighborhood pests, they frequently break out in order to explore other areas of the farm, including the compost pile and the orchard.

They eat organic feed from Breakneck Acres in Ravenna and are never given chemical supplements or maintenance antibiotics.  The birds are healthy and content.

Black Dog eggs are “ungraded” and “unsized,” which means that each dozen may contain eggs of various sizes.  Other variations can include shape and color, although most eggs are brown.  Regular egg customers know that while some weeks, there may be a couple medium sized eggs in the carton, most weeks the eggs are large with a couple jumbos.

Occasionally we offer “stewing chickens,” which are suitable for making stock, pulled chicken, or stew.

The farm has been inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and has a Mobile Vendor’s License, permitting sales from our refrigerator unit at the Haymaker Farmers’ Market.