A sustainable family farm in Freedom, Ohio

Produce and Herbs

Produce and Herbs


For the last few years, we have begun to specialize in culinary herbs, growing more than a dozen varieties.  Herbs are harvested fresh right before the market and usually sold by the pound, so you can purchase exactly as much as you need.  We feel this is a more economical and waste-free way to go.

We also dehydrate herbs and sell them in small, pretty bottles–usually just enough to get you through the winter months until we’ve got fresh ones for you again.

Try our herb infused vinegars and oils for a flavorful burst!


While we focus on herbs, we also have a variety of produce, including shiitake mushrooms grown in our mushroom garden in the woods.

Our unheated high tunnel allows us to extend production of greens like salad mix, spinach, and kale and some herbs even into the early winter and to start producing earlier in the spring.

We especially like to grow classic or heirloom varieties of vegetables, such as Kentucky Wonder beans.  You’ll recognize the flavor as what your grandparents used to grow!

Our spray-free orchards produce cherries, apples, pears, peaches, plums, elderberries, beach plums, quince, aronia, and concord, niagara, and catawba grapes.  Most of the fruit goes into our jams and jellies, although we sometimes do have small quantities for sale.

Like our herbs, we sell most of our produce by the pound for your convenience.


We start all our produce from organic and/or non-GMO seed and usually have extras to sell at the May and early June markets.  These vibrant, high-quality seedlings are in organic potting soil and have only been fertilized with liquid seaweed.  They are hardened off and ready to plant.  Don’t be disappointed by healthy-looking seedlings from the garden center that have actually been artificially bolstered by chemical fertilizers and 24-hour lights!