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Jams and Jellies

strawberriesDelicious Jams and Jellies

Keep some summer goodness in your pantry to enjoy on those long, dark winter days!

Black Dog jams and jellies are made in small batches, 10 – 12 jars at a time, and are the highest quality.  Two practices we use set our jams and jellies apart from our friends’:

Local fruit.  All the fruit used in our jams and jellies has either been grown on our farm or on other small farms in Portage County.  Fruit we purchase we have usually picked ourselves, and we seek out farms with practices similar to our own.

Some of our jellies, such as blackberry, black raspberry, and elderberry, are made from wild berries we have foraged.  Fruit we’ve picked is often made into jam or jelly the same day, for the most delicious blkraspproduct possible.

Low sugar/more fruit.  Most jams and jellies are made with conventional pectin, a plant product that gels the fruit and juice.  If you’ve even made your own jam with a box of Ball pectin, you’ve seen that the directions warn against using any less sugar that is called for, and most jam or jelly recipes require equal parts sugar and fruit.

We use Pomona pectin, a natural product made of citrus rinds, which gels with much less sugar–we use half as much sugar as fruit!  So our jams and jellies are not only lower in sugar, but there is more fruit flavor than conventional jams.

One downside is that the color of some lighter jams, including strawberry, can darken slightly at the top of the jar after a few months of storage; but as long as the jar is sealed, the jam is fine.